Automatic Notifications to Customers using WhatsApp

Use the best communication tool with your customers automatically. By programming predefined templates, the system will send messages automatically and personalized to your customers without having to waste time writing manually.

Email or WhatsApp automatic notifications

WhatsApp Notifications

All the notifications that were made by email can now be done directly by WhatsApp.

  • Send Booking Confirmations.
  • Reminders, Pickups, Deliveries.
  • All automatically as if you were sending an email.

Immediate reception on the customer’s phone.

  • Maximum agility, minimum effort in messaging with predefined messages. Set your own messages in the language you want.

Only the firstest have a prize.

Free module included for the first 3 new customers who purchase the program. It will then be billed as an additional module.

All that simple.

  • Choose the installation locally or in the cloud.
  • We start it immediately.
  • All training through easy and accessible videos to anyone.
  • We give you the necessary support until you manage the 100% program.

Direct connection with WhatsApp for sending messages using predefined templates.

The Macrosoft Dog hotel software connects directly to the WhatsApp application to send communications to customers quickly and easily using templates to generate messages automatically, so you won’t waste time typing on your mobile phone. The messages are automatically programmed to launch them on the defined dates. Templates are configurable and can be put in any language.

Avisos Por WhatsApp
  • The Customer receives the message immediately in his terminal.
  • Possibility of setting automatic reminders.
  • The notification is received as if it were an email in your whatsapp terminal.
  • You will receive immediate confirmations to your messages.