The most complete Dog Kennels Software for Boarding Kennels

Macrosoft ProgCan is the most complete Kennels Software for Dog Kennel professionals. You will not need any additional system. You will have all the information centralized and integrated in the same place where you can access quickly.


Dog Kennel Software Management

» Integration of Dog Boarding kennel with billing.

» Access to each box with a calendar to see its occupancy.

» Different colors for different occupancy levels.

» Quick reservations with one click.

» Bookings with the possibility of generating integrated tasks with Google calendar.

» High degree of functionality and time savings.

Dog Boarding Kennel and Dog Sitting Software.

» The reservation menu is simple and easy to handle. Through a calendar it is possible to manage reservations quickly and efficiently. In a single glance the Bookings classified by day and box are shown. The degree of occupation is managed visually using colors that vary depending on the level of occupation.

» During the booking, it is possible to add additional tasks such as collection and delivery of animals on a specific date, vaccinations, training and other usual tasks. Tasks with defined dates automatically go to the work schedule.

» A good work schedule is completed with the possibility of integration with Google Calendar. This option is essential if you need to access the tasks through mobile devices.

Menu Principal de Boxes


Fast & Easy Kennel Software Management.

» Fast Bookings in a single mouse click.

» Easyly add additional tasks during the pet’s stay.

» Each Additional Task can be scheduled in an agenda.

» Billing directly from the Booking menu.

» Listings of Entrances and Departures by Day, in a period.

Pet Sitting Booking Menu

» Making a booking is as simple as clicking on the day on which the reservation will be made. The booking period and the Start and End time, if applicable, are entered on the pop-up menu. When selecting the Customer, all the animals associated with the Customer will appear immediately. The type of accommodation is chosen based on the type of stay or booking made and finally click on the Save button.

» It is possible to add additional tasks within the period of stay such as the collection and delivery of the animal, vaccinations, washing, grooming, etc. Each Task can, optionally, be scheduled on an agenda.

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Calendar and Schedule of Tasks.

» Integrated Agenda with mobile devices.

» The tasks and services originated in residence management are integrated on a common agenda.

» Bidirectional integration to and from devices such as phones, tablets.

Integrated calendar with Google Calendar and Outlook.

» It is possible to synchronize the collection and delivery of animals in a simple way as well as the additional services that customers may request during the stay of the animal.

» All requested services can be automatically included in a calendar so that all tasks are registered in a common agenda.

»From any mobile device you can edit or register new tasks and services on the common agenda. Synchronization is automatic so all people have updated information.


Complete Pet Profile

» Pet profile with all its features at a glance.

» It is possible to include all the necessary photos and veterinary reports.

»Automatic notifications through the agenda of all important events related to the pet.

Complete profile Pet description

» Create your own information structure to be able to add all the characteristics that are important to define the pet or to manipulate it with the care it deserves. Diets, meals, medicines, vaccinations, even photos of all kinds. Everything can be described in order to serve as a source of information.

» Synchronize all future events that may affect the pet with your work calendar. You will have everything under control.

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Professional Dog Grooming

Professional Dog Grooming Software

Do you have any Dog grooming at your Dog Hotel?

  • Turn the software into a professional dog groomer fully integrated with the rest of the system without any additional module or software. You will not need anything else.
  • You will have the history of each pet and you will know how his behaviour was the last time he visited you.
  • Quick and easy to handle.
Peluquería Canina Profesional

Tienda Web

Tienda Web

Modern Web Store

» Friendly and Functional Web Store.

» Integration of your application with the store. All products, descriptions, prices, photos and stock will be automatically updated in the store without you having to do anything.

» Lots of templates available to make your store as attractive to users as possible.

» Responsive. It works equally well on Computers, Tables or Mobile Phones.

» Shopping cart and many functions that will make the sale simple.

» Transportation management, discount coupons, and much more.

Professional Point of Sale (POS)

POS Terminal Point of Sale

» Versatile and fast integrated Point of Sale POS.

» You can sell your products, articles, pet food, straps … etc as if you were in a supermarket.

» Print tickets and use barcode readers to make the sales experience faster, easier and with fewer errors.

» All sales generate invoices that are automatically downloaded in accounting.

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Purchase and Sales Invoice Management

» Budgets, Orders, Delivery notes and invoices.

» Advanced Professional Sales and Purchasing Module.

» Inventory management.

» Customer and Supplier Invoices

» Payment Management.

» VAT Management, IRPF.

» Statistics.