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Managing your Boarding Kennel has never been so simple and fast. All the control of Bookings, Checkin, Checkout, Customer Contracts and invoices are easily made through the ProgCan Pets software in the same system and in an integrated way. This avoids separate or duplicate systems. Any modification to the reservation is made conveniently and easily.

Kennel Booking Software Video

The best Gooming Software for your Pets sitting and Booking Kennel

Bookings are shown classified by day and box at a single glance. The occupancy level is managed visually using colors that vary depending on the occupancy level.

When configuring the Booking set up, it is possible to add additional tasks such as picking up and delivery of animals on a specific date, vaccinations, training and other usual tasks. Tasks with defined dates automatically go to the work schedule.

A good work schedule is completed with the possibility of integration with Google Calendar. This option is essential if you need to access the tasks through mobile devices.

  • Manage your Bookings and occupation Easily.
  • Total control at a Glance
  • Working Agenda integrated with Google Calendar.

The Pet Sitting Software for Booking Kennels at a glance.


The powerful control system of the Pet Sitting software will facilitate the control and daily organization of your work team. With just 1 hour of Training you can control up to 95% of the main system. That easy !

Bookings are organized based on a calendar through a visual management system where it is possible to see the reserved, occupied and available boxes through user definable colors.

You can define an unlimited number of kennels and Optionally, you can set a maximum number of places available per Kennel.

For each box and day the occupancy level is shown as well as the overall occupancy level of the boarding kennel.

The description of the boxes can be configured to adapt to the characteristics of your Boarding kennel.

If you need to organize your daily work or want to coordinate your work team you can use the complete agenda where all the Checkins, Checkouts and associated services from the bookings will appear along with the manually entered notes.

The calendar can be automatically synchronized with Google Calendar on smartphones. So the whole team will have the same agenda.

The updates are bi-directional.

It is possible to search through multiple fields: Client Name, Pet, Chip, Box … etc.
Additional services can be automatically programmed to appear on the agenda as tasks to be performed during the animal’s stay
Multiple reports are available with useful information about Checkin records, checkouts and stays to be able to deliver to the administrations offices and state organisms.
With a single mouse click it is possible to generate the invoice quickly at the time of the animal’s departure. The invoices are stored so you can always consult and send by email.
Technical Support is greatly appreciated by our users. You can send any questions you require and we will answer you fastly via WhatsApp or Remote Control depending on the need.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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